ZiZZO Folding Bike Review

ZiZZO bike set up on balcony

Living in a smallish condo now (not tiny, but when 4 kids are staying over space is at a premium), items like folding bikes become quite interesting. An offer from ZiZZO to provide a review sample came just in time.

ZiZZO bikes come in a box with everything needed to get out on the road, except for a helmet. Take out the bike, remove all the shipping padding, and you’re halfway there. The saddle and seatpost need to be inserted, but otherwise you need to unfold and lock into place the frame and the handlebars, and you are good to go. Even novices will see getting the ZiZZO ready to go is easy, and a trip to the bike shop mechanic would not be necessary.

First ride, I have to admit I felt a bit like a circus bear on one of those tiny bikes you see in cartoons. However, with some adjustments, I was pleasantly surprised at the ride quality and comfort.

There is quite a bit of adjustability on these bikes – we fit everyone on at various times. My youngest is 10 years old and about 56″ tall, while I’m 54 years old and 71″ tall. We both had no issues and neither did my 13 year old or my 17 year old daughter.

ZiZZO bike with regular city bike for size comparison

ZiZZO bikes weigh anywhere from 23 lbs (The Liberté) to 34 lbs (Swiss Alps). They fold relatively compactly and aren’t too difficult to carry. If I was still commuting by train to work, this would definitely come along.

There are some great bonuses with ZiZZO bikes. Free shipping, which is always a good thing. A lifetime frame warranty gives peace of mind. If you’re not completely sure these bikes are for you, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee, so you may as well try one out.

ZiZZO bike with 10 year old riding

ZiZZO bikes are designed in and shipped from California, though they are manufactured in China. With 6 models to choose from, you’re likely to find one that suits your style and your budget. 

There were only 2 drawbacks we discovered while testing out ZiZZO bikes. One, the color choice for each model is very limited, but this is definitely a first world problem, as the quality and performance are unaffected by color. Also, the handlebars are quite narrow, but that’s pretty much par for the course for folding bikes.

ZiZZO bike with 13 year old riding

ZiZZO bikes are the folding bike for everyone. Great prices, easy to fold and unfold, along with performance and quality make these a no-brainer if you’re looking for a folding bike (or even if you’re not).

*This product was provided for editorial purposes, all opinions are my own.

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